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Riley moves to Tokyo because of his parent's work. Being relocated all of a sudden to a foreign country obviously sucks so he hates everything about his new life right away. Then Riley meets this kid named Takeuchi. No first name, just Takeuchi. For a high schooler, he's tiny, overly formal, and dresses weird too, but he's one of the only fluent English speakers that Riley meets, so of course he sticks with him despite his strangeness. But Riley finds that Takeuchi has a lot more positive things to him than he thinks. And Tokyo just got a little bit more fun. BL!!! may have sexy times later on but nothing graphic bc I can't draw it and takeuchi is basically a shota so there's that too my first comic, so take it easy on me, lol


» Takeuchi launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Takeuchi! Comics coming soon!

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